What is Cleaner-App used for?
Cleaner-App is a tool to free up disk space on a Mac. Cleaner-App helps to find and clean up such files, as duplicates, downloads, same name files and files that take up most space on a disk.

Is Cleaner-App free to use?
Yes. Cleaner-App is available to download and use absolutely for free.

What are the system requirements?
Cleaner-App is compatible with Mac OS X OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor.

What are Biggest Files?
In the Biggest Files section, you will find a list of files that take up most space on your Mac. These files are sorted by size, so you can find out the bulkiest content and organize it to free up more disk space on your Mac.

What are Downloads?
In the Downloads section, you will find a list of all downloaded files from the Internet. Most of these files are installations, email attachments which you likely need only once. So you can preview these files and remove unneeded ones.

What are Duplicate Files?
Duplicate files are files with absolutely identical content. Duplicates can have different names but they have the same extension, size and data. In the Duplicates Files section, you can find and remove useless copies of any file type (music, movies, documents, pictures, archives and so on.)

What are Same Name Files?
In the Same Name Files section, you can preview files that have identical names. These files can have different data, but you duplicated their names. This fact may cause inconvenience when you are searching for your files. So rename your files or find duplicates with even the same name and then remove one of them.

How much space can I free up with Cleaner-App?
Cleaner-App is a Mac cleanup utility that helps you get more storage space. You can free up as much space as your duplicates, downloads and unneeded bulkiest files occupy.

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