How to find large files

Nowadays, we can store our data not only on a computer’s HD but also on external drives and cloud storage. Even so, one fine day a pop-up window may tell you that your Mac disk space is almost full.

In this case, we would advise you to use Cleaner-App to quickly analyze your Mac to find large files and remove them.

To detect files which take the most space on your Mac, take the following steps:

  1. Launch Cleaner-App.
  2. Select the Largest Files section. There you will see a list of big files, arranged by size from largest to smallest. You can also change their order by clicking on Sort by: name, size, date, or kind. Choose a certain large file to see its preview and file details on the right. You can also click on the magnifier to reveal the item in Finder.
  3. cleaner app large files

  4. Skim the items and select the most significant useless files, or click Select All. Then, click on the Review to Remove button.
  5. cleaner app large files

  6. Review the files you are going to get rid of, and click on the Remove button.
  7. cleaner app large files

  8. Empty Trash to entirely delete files and free up space on your Mac.

Cleaner-App is a simple application, which helps you to free up the storage space on your Mac in a few minutes. Using Cleaner-App, you can easily find and delete the largest files, duplicates, same name files, and photo series. You can also find and remove unneeded downloads, installers, and screenshots. Use Cleaner-App to keep your Mac clean and well running.