The Cleaner-App is a software tool to clean up your Mac from unneeded files, such as downloads, duplicates, same name files and the biggest files that are clogging your disk space. The Cleaner-App quickly finds and displays a list of all these files by categories and allows you to easily analyze them, select unwanted ones and remove with one click.

Get Started

Cleaner-App is designed to help you to find and remove unnecessary files from your Mac in order to free up disk space and optimize the system’s performance:

  • Biggest Files
  • Downloads
  • Duplicates
  • Same name files

Follow this step-by-step guide to get started with the application and clean up your Mac.

  1. When you launch Cleaner-App for the first time, it will ask your grant access to your Home folder. Click the Grant Access button to allow the app to scan the files in your Home folder.
  2. As soon as Cleaner-App finishes scanning your files, it will display the results in the main window.  
  3. Switch to each category of files from the left dark section depending on what type of files you want to review and remove.
  4. Select unneeded files and click the Next button.    
  5. Once again check the list of files you selected for removal. If you are sure you don’t need these files anymore, confirm the removal by clicking the Remove button. 

If you want to rescan your Home folder, just click the Start Over button and the app will do the task.

In each section, you can sort files by different preferences

  • Sort files by size (from the biggest to smallest or from the smallest to biggest)
  • Sort files by name (from A to Z or from Z to A)
  • Sort files by date (by the date you opened a file last time)
  • Sort files by kind (by files extensions)

Biggest Files

In the Biggest Files section of Cleaner-App, you will find files that take up the most space on your disk. They are displayed in a list from the biggest to smaller ones.

Also, besides viewing files by size, you can sort them by other preferences.

If you want to remove the bulkiest content, sort files by size → select unneeded files → click on Next → click the Remove button.


You may download tons of files from the Internet each day. Most computer users do not keep track of downloaded files from web browsers, messengers, torrents, mail, and other services. As a result, the overall size of these files may take up significant space and what is more important, most of them are unneeded and take up useless space on your Mac hard drive.

With Cleaner-App you can easily find all downloads on your Mac and quickly remove unnecessary files.

Look through files in Downloads → select unneeded files → click the Next button → click to Remove them.


Duplicate files are the files, that have absolutely identical content, size and extensions, while their names may be different. Most Mac users even can’t imagine how many duplicate files they may their computers. So we always recommend them that they check their Macs.

With Cleaner-App it’s super easy to find and remove duplicates.

Just switch to the Duplicate Files section → select the files copies you want to delete → click Next → click to remove the selected duplicates.

Same Name Files

While in the Duplicate Files section Cleaner-App displays files with identical content but with any name, in the Same Name Files section you get a list of files with the same names but with any content. However, Cleaner-App displays here duplicate files as well in order to help you operate unneeded content in a convenient manner.

Use the Autoselect button to automatically select copies and remain 1 copy for each file or select files manually. Then click the Next button → and click to remove selected files.

If you have any questions about Cleaner-App, contact directly our support team.

We will be happy to assist you!

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