How to find and delete DMG files

If you already know what the DMG and PKG files are, you can skip to the second paragraph. For those who are learning about this type of file, we will describe its purpose below.

What is a DMG file

If you want to install a third-party application from the internet, you need to download its installer file with a .dmg or a .pkg extension. Both types of files, DMG (Apple Disk Image) and PKG (package installer), are only used on macOS. In most cases, once you download and open a DMG or a PKG file, you are asked to transfer its app to the Applications folder. Then you can launch the program and happily use it.

Since .app files of programs are located in the Applications folder, you can delete DMG files and package installers. Besides that, developers regularly update apps, so if you want to use an updated version of particular software, you will need to download a new installer. Since there is no need to keep useless installers on your Mac, you can remove them using Cleaner-App.

How to delete installer packages on a Mac

To remove unneeded installation files from your Mac using Cleaner-App, complete the next steps:

  1. Launch Cleaner-App.
  2. Select the Installer Packages section.
  3. Skim all the DMG and PKG files. Select some of them or click Select All to get rid of unneeded files at once. Click Review and Remove.
  4. Review the items you want to delete and click to Remove.
  5. Complete the deletion of package installers by emptying the Bin.

Cleaner-App is an intuitive software tool that helps you to easily clean up your Mac. It serves not only to remove installers, but also to clear your Downloads. Using Cleaner-App, you can detect duplicate files, same name files, and photo series on your Mac. Then you can conveniently compare these files and select the useless ones for removal. If you want to keep your Mac clean of unwanted files and improve its performance, use Cleaner-App regularly.