Important Notice about the Latest Update of the Application

Due to the new Mac App Store policies, applications distributed via Mac App Store are not allowed to uninstall or clean up other apps.

That’s why the application was updated and the uninstall feature was removed.

Now Cleaner-App (version 7.1) has a new interface and new functionality:

  • Find the biggest files on your Mac and remove the bulkiest content.
  • Find and remove duplicate files on your Mac.
  • Find and delete unneeded downloads.
  • Find files with similar names, analyze them and detect identical files.

We do continue to support the previous version of the app.

If you have already purchased the Pro version of App Cleaner & Uninstaller from the Mac App Store, you can get the previous version of the application.

Follow the Guide to get App Cleaner & Uninstaller v.6

If you have any questions, contact us at We answer in one business day.

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