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How to delete photo series on Mac

Your Mac stores a lot of different files, which can clog your disk over time. If you want to clean up your computer, check if you have old and unneeded photo session photos, which usually take up lots of storage space. Cleaner-App is a unique program, which helps you to quickly find, compare, and remove […]

Restore removed files

Cleaner-App helps you to get rid of different types of useless files on your Mac: screenshots, downloads, duplicate files, similar photos series, and some others. You can skim all these types of junk files and remove the ones you don’t need anymore. For your safety, Cleaner-App removes files into the Trash. If you selected and […]

How to find large files

Nowadays, we can store our data not only on a computer’s HD but also on external drives and cloud storage. Even so, one fine day a pop-up window may tell you that your Mac disk space is almost full. In this case, we would advise you to use Cleaner-App to quickly analyze your Mac to […]

How to find and delete DMG files

If you already know what the DMG and PKG files are, you can skip to the second paragraph. For those who are learning about this type of file, we will describe its purpose below. What is a DMG file If you want to install a third-party application from the internet, you need to download its […]

How to delete duplicate files on Mac

Our computers store lots of different data, but, over time, it becomes outdated and not used. In this way your Mac is overloaded with unnecessary files that you can delete. Most likely, you store a lot of identical files – duplicates. Cleaner-App is an intelligent software tool that helps you find, compare, and remove duplicate […]